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From the Coronation Cases to Coronavirus – A Short History of Frustration

14 May 2020

In business, contractual counter parties have been considering how unforeseen “supervening” events affect the rights and obligations of their agreements. Much has been written recently on ‘frustration of contracts’ (as well as the various other kinds of frustration), but where does this concept come from and is there anything to be learned from history about how might it be applied today?


Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Cayman Islands in the Time of COVID-19

09 Apr 2020

This article outlines the main ADR processes available to parties to Cayman disputes and highlights some of their potential advantages. It is important for parties to consider ADR at the outset of a dispute, even where a contractual dispute resolution procedure exists, before embarking on a dispute resolution process that may be ill-suited to the dispute or where preferable alternatives may exist.