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Campbells authors BVI chapter of Panoramic Next: Dispute Resolution guide

Mark Goodman shares insights into the BVI market and case law trends; practical considerations surrounding the choice of dispute resolution method; incisive commentary on recent judicial treatment of common contractual clauses and more.

More specifically, he discusses:

  • the most popular dispute resolution methods for clients in the jurisdiction;
  • how the legal profession is keeping up with industry trends and clients’ preferences;
  • recent changes affecting disputes lawyers;
  • clients’ attitudes towards litigation in BVI courts;
  • notable recent or upcoming reforms or initiatives affecting court proceedings;
  • the most significant recent trends in arbitral proceedings; and
  • key changes in relation to dispute resolution in the near future arising out of technological changes.

Access the full article here.

This article was first published on Panoramic Next: Dispute Resolution is an engaging interview-style exploration of the global litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) landscape. 

Mark Goodman

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