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Mediation & Arbitration

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Arbitration and mediation are developing fields in the Cayman Islands. Although the court process is efficient, there are many reasons why disputes might be resolved better through some form of dispute resolution process that avoids the commencement or continuation of litigation.

It is increasingly common for commercial agreements to contain an arbitration or mediation clause selecting the Cayman Islands as the venue for the dispute resolution process. The Arbitration Law is the basic code for arbitrations in the Cayman Islands and The Foreign Arbitral Awards Enforcement Law gives effect to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards of 1958.

The advantages of arbitration and mediation include being quicker and more cost effective than litigation, confidential, they can be agreed to be binding on the parties and disputes which are not suitable for or cannot easily be determined by litigation can be resolved and a resolution can be achieved which may not be one that a court could impose on the parties.

We have experience of arbitration and mediation, both as counsel for parties to arbitral proceedings and as qualified and accredited arbitrators and mediators. Partner Andrew Pullinger has extensive experience in the area of international commercial arbitration gained in both London and the Cayman Islands, and has conducted many institutional and ad hoc arbitrations under a variety of different rules (including ICC, LCIA, AAA and UNCITRAL). Partner Alistair Walters is an accredited mediation and senior attorney, and Kirsten Houghton is both a qualified arbitrator and an accredited mediator. Both are founding members of the Cayman Islands Association of Mediators and Arbitrators.