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Time to Make a BVI Will? Consequences of the Death of the Sole Shareholder of a BVI Company

19 Jun 2020

Dealing with shares in a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) following the death of the sole shareholder can be a complicated, costly and time consuming processes. To alleviate the difficulties that can arise, you or your client, may wish to consider making a BVI Will.

We summarise below the process by which shares in a BVI Company can transfer following the death of the sole shareholder.


Change in Beneficial Ownership Definitions: Cayman Islands

08 May 2020

The requirements for filing of beneficial ownership information for Cayman Islands companies will change with effect from 15 May 2020 in two respects due to international requirements.  These changes are expected to affect a relatively small number of companies.


Redemption of Disabled Bearer Shares in the British Virgin Islands

30 Apr 2020

The BVI was one of the first territories to put in place a regime to prevent the use of bearer shares. From 1 January 2005 the use of bearer shares has largely been eradicated in the BVI but issues still arise particularly in circumstances where the holder of bearer shares has died or is incapacitated in some way.